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Sweeping your chimney is a clean, mess and fuss free process. The first thing we do is assess the job in hand we check the Cowl for suitability and security look at the chimney pot, cement flaunching and condition of the stack. If a twin wall flue has been fitted, we check to see this meets current regulations. Once inside we lay a runner through the house to the fireplace then lay clean work sheets on the floor. All our equipment, vacuum, rods, and brushes are laid on the floor covers making sure everything is at hand.

We then check the stove or open fire to ensure it has been correctly installed and is safe to use any problems will be pointed out to you and then written on the certificate.

We will then look up your chimney with a torch and mirror to assess the type of soot or tar in the chimney and which method of sweeping is most suitable. We also set off a smoke pellet and check outside to ensure the smoke is exiting one pot only. Once the chimney has been swept an  insurance industry approved certificate is then issued for your records.


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